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NFL Stars Says He Will Quit Football If He’s Forced To Stand During Anthem

The NFL saga continues after a star NFL player announces that he is going to quit playing football if the new rules are enforced on the players playing in the league. After the huge avalanche of extremely negative impressions from the fans, the NFL announced that they might change their position on this issue.

Of course, this statement comes after a secret meeting of many coaches who gathered in a meeting to save the league. Literally save because the fans boycotted everything, from season tickets and sports gear, to NFL TV packages and advertisements. This was a huge message from the fans to the administration of the league and it seems that they are going to completely answer the call very soon. BUT, some players hate the idea of showing respect to the American national symbols.
Rishard Matthews of the Tennessee Titans said he will quit if he was forced to stand for National Anthem, reports RSW. Rishard Matthews thinks that the NFL protests need to continue because he’s feeling more oppressed with the possible new decision. This is what he tweeted:

After being asked if he’s going to stay in the locker room and face fine if NFL makes a new rule on the anthem, Rishard Matthews gave a very simple and clear answer- ‘No, I will be done playing football.’

This describes the huge level of ignorance and disrespect of the rogue liberal players. This man made a real fortune, lived a wonderful life as a young person and also, he accomplished everything as an African American.

If he’s willing to throw away his career because of something extremely stupid, he’s certainly going to regret that decision sooner or later. Don’t you agree?


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