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Look Who Officially Left The Republican Party With Shocking Claims!

This is WAY too much. When we once thought that the mainstream media and even the politician hit the rock bottom with their disgusting attacks and accusations against President Trump and his administration, we were so wrong. Now we see that the limits of the liberals’ cruelty are unknown.

The celebrities are nothing better. They even make the situation look more complicated and they think they are allowed to say whatever they want.

Joe Scarborough is one of them. Once a famous ‘Republican’, but always true elitist, decided to announce war on President Trump and all true Republicans.

Joe Scarborough is a famous radio and TV host, he has a long career in the media and, of course, he was labeled as Republican. Sometimes probably the true American values meant something to him, but recently his show Morning Joe is nothing but just another fake news parody against Trump and his reforms.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Joe Scarborough didn’t just announce that he is officially leaving the Republican Party, but he also posted a picture on his Twitter profile in which he says that he’s holding Trump’s “true” birth certificate from Nambia, RSW reports.

This is totally insane. Secret Service should totally pay him a visit and, also, Donald Trump can sue him because this is a serious allegation.

On the other hand, this looks like a classy mainstream media stunt. He probably saw that his beloved Barack Obama got exposed and now he’s doing the same with incredibly irrational claims that Trump was born in Nambia. On the other hand, what’s the point of all this?

Joe Scarborough needs to understand that globalist and all leftists are losing because they underestimate the people. He shouldn’t do the same. However, he makes a great favor to the GOP, they never needed a ‘chameleon’ like him.


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