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Kris Paronto Responds To Eminem’s Rap

We all witnessed rapper Eminem’s most recent video that quickly went viral and in which the rapper attacked President Donald Trump and his administration brutally and verbally. Most of the things that the famous Hollywood star wrote was focused around accusations and allegations that claim the president is racist and wants to ‘divide’ the people of America. And the situation escalated even further now that the headlines are being rocked by a Benghazi hero who had his own say on the whole thing.

Eminem’s remarks also included a hint at the current ongoing situation with the NFL players, which protest and disrespect the national anthem by kneeling during its playing. All this before he concluded the video by telling people who like his music but support Donald Trump at the same time to go away as he didn’t want them in his fan base.

And while the leftist liberals who stand against everything Trump applauded this video and conservatives who stand with the POTUS condemn it for its strong language and false claims, a real Benghazi war hero has stepped in, calling the rapper out. His name is Kris Paronto and after seeing Eminem’s rap, he had this to say on his picture post on Instagram:

Saw some posts this morning about the candy rapper m&m rapping his opinion … we’ll it swayed me to disrespect the flag 🇺🇸 and follow the opinion of the ex 49’er QB and kneel during the pledge of allegiance disrespecting all who served ……….wait, no it didn’t 😏😏. If I want advice on how to commit domestic abuse, live in excess, disrespect the masses as well as lessons on ungratefulness I’ll listen to m&m and the NFL players. Until then I’ll wear my shirt with pride throughout my travels and continue to stand for the flag and pledge of allegiance for this great nation . I’ll be damned if I let anyone including adolescent athletes and pop culture crybabies turn this symbol 🇺🇸 of freedom and courage ,who many of my teammates, families and friends sacrificed for , into a symbol of oppression and bigotry. The only bigots & racists I have seen throughout this are from the “kneelers” and their supporters. For hells sake I even saw a post stating that those that support the 🇺🇸 are the ones who burn crosses 🤦🏻‍♂️… really??!! You have to be a special kind of stupid for that view, guess my Latino cross burning crew will need to get our torches ready for tonight🙄🙄. Like me or not for saying this , I could give a shit, unfollow me , I won’t lose a wink of sleep . I’ll continue standing for this great country , for freedom, for honor, for courage, and sacrifice and the symbol 🇺🇸 this represents. So I’m crossing your line in the sand killer @eminem 🙄😏… #sorrynotsorry #zerofucksgiven #bringiton #tantodontgiveashit #istandfortheflag #istandfortheanthem #notonmywatch #dtom #backtheblue #bluelivesmatter #buhbye #godblessamerica #godblessourtroops #rltw #suasponte #tanto #therangerway #ranger #battboy #75thrangerregiment @americanmilitarynews @maximdefense @espnnfl @alienarmorgear @88tactical @american_trigger_pullers @standupfortheflag

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Now, Eminem says he loves the U.S. military, which means that we can only hope he takes a second to listen to what a man who has actually sacrificed a lot for our nation has to say. The Benghazi war hero Paronto’s statement on the other hand has earned him the support of conservatives and patriots all around the nation, which means we should only spread the word and show our support to this patriot!

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