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Unemployment claims fall to lowest level in 43 years

The Trump administration has just managed to get through another major success thanks to their work and effort, as the new numbers of total out-of-work Americans receiving unemployment benefits fell to 1.89 million for the month of September, which is the lowest mark in nearly 44 years, according to details revealed by the Department of Labor this Thursday.

The New claims for unemployment fell 15,000 to 243,000 now that the job market has started bouncing back from hurricane devastation, faster than the analysts predicted.

Fewer unemployment claims only show that the job market is strengthening as layoffs are rare and job creation is burgeoning. Fewer people have signed up for unemployment benefits than any time, since December in the year of 1973, when the total workforce was much smaller. This is a clear sign of an optimistic trajectory of the current economy under the leadership of President Donald Trump and his administration.

And while first-time claims in the U.S. which were most affected by the storms are still high, they have experienced a downfall by a landslide in recent weeks. According to details revealed by Jim O’Sullivan, chief U.S. economist for High-Frequency Economics, “The data suggest that payrolls will bounce back quickly after last month’s hurricane-related weakness and that the underlying trend in employment growth remains strong — more than strong enough to keep the unemployment rate declining.”

And analysts have brought hopes back up, saying that new claims below 300,000 indicate that unemployment numbers will remain stable or fall. And while the chances are low that the mainstream media would cover the administration’s success in the field of economics, it is up to us, the true patriots to spread the word and show President Trump and his administration our support!

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