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Shocking: San Juan Mayor Just Accused Trump of GENOCIDE

The entire world is stunned by the latest shocking statement by San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz who’s directly accusing Trump of genocide against the people of Puerto Ricco. The sickening accusation comes as a response to the new investigation into the huge fraud in Puerto Ricco when liberal mayors prevented people from getting disaster supplies in order to blame FEMA  and the White House administration for incompetence.

This scandal was also very popular in the anti-media and the social media websites even knowing the fact that the mainstream media outlets covered only her part of the story and in the beginning, they even supported the arrogant mayor. Now, she’s accusing Donald Trump of GENOCIDE, of ‘letting the people DIE’. In her interview for Washington Times she says some very inaccurate and very insulting things, reports RSW.

“I ask every American that has love, and not hate in their hearts, to stand with Puerto Rico and let this President know we WILL NOT BE LEFT TO DIE,”- Cruz said and asked Mr. Guitierez to read her statement on the House Floor.

“I ask the United Nations, UNICEF and the world to stand with the people of Puerto Rico and stop the genocide that will result from the lack of appropriate action of a President that just does not get it because he has been incapable of looking in our eyes and seeing the pride that burns fiercely in our hearts and souls,” – San Juan Mayor continued.

This is way too much. Donald Trump didn’t deserve something like this after everything he did to help the people who got hit by the three hurricanes this year.

Democrats really have no limits, not at all. This is too much drama for nothing. However, if the investigation proves she’s guilty, then all things will be much clear. Is she in the panic? What do you think?


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