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Kim Jong Un Swore To Shoot The Next Plane He Saw, So Trump Responded Immediately

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un is constantly provoking President Donald Trump and he is seriously testing the patience of the US military. After decades of unsuccessful ‘negotiations’ Donald Trump finally decided to take a different approach. To be completely honest, Trump did everything in his power, even used diplomatic back channels to set up a good communication and dialog with the North Korean tyrant, but it seems that everything failed.

After Trump made his powerful historical speech in front of the world leaders in the UN, Kim Jong Un did something even worse. Now, after a couple of days, Conservative Tribune reports that earlier this month Kim Jong Un THREATENED TO SHOOT DOWN AMERICAN PLANES THAT FLEW NEAR ITS TERRITORY. Kim Jong Un also told his people that Kim Jong Un swore that he is not going to be tolerant anymore to the American imperialists and the entire country is prepared for war.

As ConservativeTribune reports, this was the true reason why Trump responded with sending the B-1 supersonic bombers. The bombers flew over South Korea accompanied by South Korean and Japanese aircrafts. Also, it’s important to mention that the military general staffs of both South Korea and Japan are ready to respond to aggression and even a possible nuclear attack from the communist tyrants.

General Mattis stated that the US forces together with the allies will respond to any kind of aggression. Kim Jong Un’s last nuclear test was extremely provocative and it doesn’t seem like he’s changing his mind on this issue.

The situation is complicated and it’s an isolated case because in N.Korea there is no democracy, but pure dictatorship and cult of the person instead. Everything depends on Kim Jong Un’s personal opinion and decision. We can only hope that he is going to answer the call for finding a diplomatic solution, if not, he can expect a to see a demonstration of true power.


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