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Jimmy Kimmel Just Got Caught

After Harvey Weinstein’s scandal erupted everybody’s true face in the media is being observed. Hollywood celebrities, hosts, comedians, politicians- the sexual harassment scandals are popping out of everywhere.

The big question is open again: are the celebrities truthful with us, do they RESPECT women and more fundamentally, are the women treated with respect in every segment of our everyday life?

There’s no discussion about this question, women deserve to be treated always equally and they are equal to men no matter what.

However, the alleged “freedom fighters” and ‘”social justice warriors”, including all kind of ultra-liberal leftists are the biggest hypocrites in the world.  One of those BIG hypocrites is JIMMY KIMMEL. They caught him this time, everything’s perfectly explained in the video below:


“In the video, Kimmel urges multiple women to engage in a game where they touch his genital area. Kimmel is quoted saying “put your mouth on it”, reports Red State Watcher.

This is very disrespectful and scandalous in a way. Look what he tells this woman- to feel it with her mouth. It’s understandable that this is a joke, but his attitude towards the women in this video describes how Jimmy Kimmel treats women.

What’s also symptomatic is how Kimmel reacted after Harvey Weinstein got exposed for his sexual harassment. He totally ignored what happened and there was not even one single joke about the sex scandal.

What do you think about this huge hypocrisy? Please spread this story to expose Jimmy Kimmel- the TOLERANT LIBERAL. He’s so pathetic, isn’t he?


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