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BREAKING: Kathy Griffin Has Been Replaced!!

IT’S HAPPENING! Kathy Griffin is officially terminated from her most recognizable work- she is not going to be the New Year’s Eve host on CNN anymore. There is someone else who’s going to take her place and this decision is going to make patriots cheer for sure.

Kathy Griffin already lost great benefits from her sponsors, she lost couple of contracts and now, it seems that conservatives’ predictions became true- Kathy Griffin just lost her favorite job.

Well, some of you, dear patriots, already said that with great power and freedom come great consequences. Kathy Griffin used her right of ‘expression’, she used her freedom of speech, she was arrogant and cruel, but now she must face the consequences. Like an adult, Kathy Griffin should show maturity and get over it.

The report comes officially from the CNN. This is the report by RSW: Andy Cohen is taking Kathy Griffin’s place alongside Anderson Cooper on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special, after the standup comic was booted from the gig earlier this year following her controversial anti-Trump photo shoot.

Andy Cohen is the host of Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and he also is the producer of ‘Real Housewives’ network. Andy Cohen confirmed the good news in his latest Tweet:


Interesting, right. Your voices have been heard, dear patriots. This is what you asked when Kathy Griffin decided to ‘decapitate’ your president. As we already said, she has to face the consequences of her previous actions.

This will teach her, and not her only, but all liberal celebrities a good lesson. They should do what they’re getting paid for and shut their mouths. That’s how everyone’s going to be happy- both the fans and the celebrities who are going to keep their jobs and good ratings.

Would you like to watch the New Year’s Eve Specials without Kathy Griffin after so many years? Do you think she deserved this?



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