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First Lady Melania got cyberbullied over pink dress

The liberal media has once again launched a series of offensive comments, and this time, it wasn’t aiming at President Donald Trump, but instead, his wife, First Lady Melania who was cyberbullied over a dress she was wearing while giving a speech against cyberbullying.

Melania appeared on the stage donned in a stunning pink oversized dress by Delpozo, which is a high-end fashion brand that has every design overseen by creative director Josep Font.

In her speech, Melania urged the people to ensure that they are protecting their youth from the most dangerous form of bullying which the younger generations fall most vulnerable to.

She went on to explain how “When we join together as parents caring for children, whether they live in our own families, across the street, across the nation, or across the globe, we claim our responsibility to the next generation to ensure they are prepared to accept the torch of leadership for the world of tomorrow,” adding that no child should at no cost, feel stalked, terrorized, bullied, afraid or isolated, and even hungry as a result of the harsh comments that people throw at them.

And while the First Lady was actually doing good for the children from all across the world, not just the U.S., raising awareness of the dangers, the mainstream media still found a reason to criticize for, knowing that they couldn’t do so for any other reasonable thing. It only goes on to show how low the liberals are ready to go when it comes to President Trump, his administration and his family.



But one thing is for sure. Melania looked absolutely gorgeous in that pink outfit. No matter what liberals are trying to do to her, they can’t deny her class.

Here are some photos:

Melania pink dress
Melania pink dress

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