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Whoopi Just Claimed Donald Trump Created Hate Group ‘Antifa’, She Got Destroyed – Conservative101

Washed-up former successful comedian and actress Whoopi Goldberg has created an embarrassing second career for herself as a co-host of leftist ABC daytime talk show The View, where she regularly makes baseless, degrading comments about President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans.

In a recent episode, Whoopi went so far as to insinuate that President Trump is the main person responsible for the creation of violent hard-left protest group Antifa.

Stated co-host Paula Faris on the program, “Antifa- it’s anti-fascism. For anybody that thinks this is a nonviolent group, they’re predicated on violence. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security, according to documents…” Whoopi interrupted her, saying, “I saw your thing. Let me say this to you. When we look to see what they were talking about, there was nothing there because when you look at the bottom of the list the year that they’re talking about is when Obama was in.”

She then continued, making her absurd claim about Trump, “So we went to see what they had been protesting, what fascist stuff antifa had been protesting. There’s nothing there. We can’t find anything. This to me, antifa is one of those things, I don’t want to say the right, but somebody came up with as a catch phrase so that you could say there’s violence on the other side. I don’t remember violent demonstrations before the gentleman who’s in now came in.”

Goldberg’s fellow liberal co-host Sunny Hostin then backed her up that Trump created America’s current racial tensions, saying, “I really think if Donald Trump wants to say anything about racism he has to first talk about his being complicit in that. He ran a campaign based on racial resentment and fear. His campaign was for angry white people. He talked about Mexicans being rapists. He talked about a Gold Star Muslim family. He talked about black people. He talked about — he has participated in housing discrimination. Anything that he says for me — needs to start with the birther movement. He needs to admit he’s the reason why we’re seeing this racial divide in our country.” Do you think Whoopi and her co-hosts on The View have lost all touch with reality? Watch below:



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