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Protesters march through West County Mall, chanting “No justice, no profits”

Most of us are already aware that this Friday, hundreds of ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters poured onto the streets of St. Louis, after a former white police officers charged with the murder of a black male was acquitted by a Missouri judge. And while the National Guard stood nearby in case of a violent outburst, urging the demonstrators to remain peaceful as they protested their cause, details reveal that the situation has escalated quickly and things might get serious.

The whole thing started when the police reported several protesters throwing rocks and water bottles, forcing the officers to douse off several people with pepper spray to maintain peace and shut down all violent outbursts. But despite all their attempts, the protesters didn’t stop there, and went as far as to rampage through West County Mall in Missouri.


From what can be seen on the video above, the protesters don’t seem to be stopping, walking around and chanting “No justice, no profits.”

But the story didn’t end there, and unfortunately, the police force had to be involved in order to get the rampaging chaotic situation under control, and things didn’t go so well for the many protesters who decided to turn violent and attack the officers thinking that the liberal snowflake agenda will keep them protected from disobeying the laws.

Down below is a short video of how the chaotic situation went down:


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