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National Anthem Muted to Start NFL Game at Buffalo Wild Wings Franchise

The situation has escalated thanks to the leftist liberals that have recently come forward claiming that the National Anthem and American Pride is insulting to some people.

And now, the whole thing has reached new heights as details reveal that a popular restaurant has ordered “The Star-Spangled Banner” to be put on mute during showings of sports matches to avoid causing an uproar.

The Californian Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant is currently facing cruel and harsh criticism after details revealed that an employee went as far as to mute the nations anthem on televisions which showed Monday’s night game featuring Broncos vs the Chargers.

When faced with the question why he did the controversial thing, the employee answered that the anthem was deemed “too controversial” and that it was according to “company policy” to mute it.

However, other customers revealed that that the restaurant has never done anything like that before, which only further sparks suspicions that the employee acted out on his own political beliefs. But now that all has been said and done, the company is facing major backlash from patriotic American citizens.

Sadly, the left has embraced an ever-increasing anti-American stance in the past year alone, and has now decided that the American national anthem is “racist.”

It is shocking to see the lengths that liberals will go to only to please and win over the support of illegal immigrants, which in this case, means going as far as to be ashamed and mute their own National Anthem, but unfortunately for them, the Trump administration will never let this pass on to other companies.

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