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Maxine Waters Drops A Mind-Boggling Attack On Trump

Most of us are well-familiar with California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ ranting and attacking of President Donald Trump, to the point where many have started mocking the liberal that it’s her full-time job, since she has been repeatedly slamming the commander-in-chief every opportunity she gets.

And Waters made headlines quite a lot of times with her series of insulting remarks against the president since the moment he took over office. From comparing him to a dictator to claiming he is the most “deplorable” person she knows, Waters has been crossing all boundaries to express her hate towards the First Family and the administration, and once again no – she did not stop there.

She then moved to Vice President Mike Pence, saying that he will replace Trump as president, and in the meantime, calling the White House the “White Supremacists’ House.”

That is why it came as no surprise this Friday when Waters once again took it to Twitter to launch another attack on Trump, but the thing that made it different this time was the fact that the attack was very personal:


While no official response has been released by First Lady Melania about the insulting remarks, Twitter users didn’t hold back to bash Maxine as soon as she wrote the post, criticizing her for being a hypocrite and accusing her of having serious mental issues:



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