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Curt Schilling Just Trolled A Lib CNN Reporter So Hard He Snapped On Air – Conservative101

Former Red Sox and Phillies pitcher Curt Schilling, who is a possible future inductee to the Baseball Hall of Fame, was fired from his job as an ESPN commentator last year after making comments critical of radical Islamic terrorists.

Recently, a current liberal ESPN contributor named Jemele Hill kept her job received little more than a slap on the wrist from the network after making comments on her Twitter account alleging that Republican President Donald Trump is a “white supremacist.” Schilling recently appeared on CNN and called the liberal media out on their blatant double standard in this case.

Stated Schilling straightforwardly on the CNN show Smerconish about Jemele, “I would fire her. I would have never hired her. She has no place in any platform that represents sports. I think she’s openly racist. I think she has been openly racist. But I don’t need to tell you guys that. You guys have been at the forefront of this conversation at CNN since Trump’s been elected.”

This made host Michael Smerconish completely flip out on air, shouting back, “I’d love on a different day to litigate each one of the points that you just made here, because there’s a response for each one of them. Instead, what I’ll do, is I’ll respond to you saying you were fired for being a conservative. I wasn’t even going to drill down on it but put back on the screen that Facebook post that Curt Schilling distributed where you cherry picked an abhorrent photograph and you used it to besmirch an entire class of individuals. That’s why you got fired! Now do you want to have that conversation, because I’ll have it?”

Replied Curt coolly, “I understand that’s how you guys work. I get it, you guys are about getting ratings. And so you need to be bombastic and you need to make assumptions for the viewers because you guys have operated under the notion that we’re too stupid to think for ourselves.” He added, “The fact of the matter was, my comment was around the fact that I don’t need my government to tell me where to pee.” After this Smerconish’s anger only escalated. Are you glad Curt Schilling defended himself and struck a nerve with this biased CNN host? Watch below:

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