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“Bingo! Bingo!” Rush Limbaugh Exposes How To Make Antifa Completely “Powerless” – Conservative101

Conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro went to UC Berkley to discuss mainstream Conservative values. This was so offensive to Antifa that Berkley was forced to spend over $600,000 to prevent Antifa from killing people. In his speech, Shapiro noted that just one year before he was able to speak at Berkley without any problems.

Rush Limbaugh analyzed the footage and realized how Antifa can be stopped. “The media is portraying [Ben Shapiro] as the problem for daring to go where he’s not wanted and where he won’t be listened to, and it’s just seen as Shapiro showing up to unnecessarily provoke a bunch of college snowflakes who don’t want to be hurt or damaged or injured by a message that they’ve never heard before, which is conservatism,” said Limbaugh.

“I think Shapiro needs to be applauded for this. They’re treating the guy, as he said, like Godzilla. He’s about five seven, and he doesn’t weigh as much as one of Godzilla’s fingers,” said Limbaugh.

“Ben Shapiro got out of Berkeley alive and unharmed. And he’s written a piece about it. He said there’s five things that he learned. And the number one thing that he wrote in his column, number one thing he learned is that when the cops do their job, the Antifa people don’t matter. When the cops do their job, Antifa’s not a problem. Bingo! Bingo!” said Limbaugh.

Do you think he’s right? Antifa can only be violent when the police are being told to hold back.

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