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Ana Navarro Rips Trump Over Hillary Golf GIF: ‘He’s Being a Jerk,’ Not a President

As most of us are aware by know, this morning President Donald Trump started out actively on Social Media more specifically Twitter, and quickly became a topic of discussion when he retweeted another user’s post. But liberal hosts of CNN Ana Navarro and Dana Bash were quick to once again bash him in their show.

The post was meant to be a video mocking former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, starting by showing the commander-in-chief playing golf and ending by showing Hillary tripping while boarding a flight.

This unforunately earned him the attention of CNN’s State of the Union roundtable this morning, however, the former Trump campaign strategist David Urban pointed out to Dana Bash the fact that “retweets do not equal endorsements.”

Bash however, didn’t give up and decided to push her liberal views opposing Trump, asking, “Why is he so obsessed with Hillary Clinton still?”

Ana Navarro also joined in with Bash, saying that his behavior couldn’t be normalized

If your six-year-old son did this, he’d be punished. And so this 71-year-old should not be accepted.” before moving in for a final insult This is––he’s being a jerk and he’s not being a President.”

This is another classic example od how the ranting liberals which constantly attack President Trump, his family and his administration are acting hurt and offended by something as small as a humorous Twitter post.

Fortunately the people have started waking up from the lies and the scheme they have been fed, and are seeing things for how they are.

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