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Trump Warns North Korea: US Air Force Brings ‘Day Of Reckoning’

This Friday, President Donald Trump boasted that the U.S. Air Force along with its high-technology military hardware stand as a huge and ‘overwhelming’ military response to North Korea and Kim Jong Un’s nuclear threats.

In order to show how serious he is with his plan on defending the American people and the allies of the U.S. from all threats of the rogue nation, the commander-in-chief went as far as to stand in front of a massive U.S. flag and a B-2 stealth bomber – a plane capable of dropping nuclear bombs. Trump used this opportunity to slam war-crazed dictator Kim Jong Un and warned him that advanced U.S. weaponry can make the souls of America’s enemies “tremble.”

The POTUS also went on to bash Pyongyang for reportedly showing “its utter contempt for its neighbors and for the entire world community,” warning once again, “Nothing inspires more confidence in our friends, or strikes more fear in the hearts of our enemies, than the sight of American war planes on the horizon.”

He then went on to praise the American aviators for giving them “total dominance of the air and space no matter where we fly,” adding how now that the enemies have heard the F-35’s engines, their “souls will tremble and they will know the day of reckoning has arrived.”

In his speech, President Trump was addressing hundreds of Air Force personnel at Joint Base Andrews, explaining afterwards how after he saw the “capabilities and commitment” of the military men and women, he has become more confident than ever that America’s options in addressing this threat are effective.
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