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This kid just got an A+ for his great work on the White House lawn!

Today was a special day for 11-year-old Frank Giaccio from Virginia, as President Donald Trump helped fulfill his childhood wish. Little Giaccio was specially invited to the White House to mow the lawn, after he wrote a letter to President Donald Trump earlier this year, asking if he could do so as it had been his wish for a long time.


Upon his arrival, Frank immediately got down to business mowing away the grass in the Rose Garden, and he appeared to be so focused and determined, that even when President Trump himself walked up to him to greet him, he just kept on mowing, but it is worth the note that Giaccio wore protective earplugs and glasses.


And Frank’s story of his incredible work ethic didn’t stop there. Despite the massive media coverage of his work, President Donald Trump didn’t miss out a chance to publicly thank the kid, going on Twitter following their meeting, to give A+ grade to Frank for his service and thank him for doing such a great job in the morning.

While it may seem odd at first, the whole thing was one heartwarming experience, showing how much the president and the people of the White House are actually open for the youth of America, going as far as to put all the effort to help the children fulfill even the simplest of their wishes.

Both President Donald Trump and Frank Giaccio deserve our support for doing such an amazing job today!

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