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President Trump and Melania hand out food to people in Florida

THis week, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania boarded a floght to visit Florida, witness all the recovery efforts, meet with residents which were affected by the storm whose houses were left destroyed and their whole lives turned upside down, and give a political plug to Rick Scott, the GOP State Governor.

This is a state that I know very well as you understand,’ said the commander-in-chief following a meeting with the people of Florida in Naples, adding, ‘These are special, special people and we love ’em.’

We love these people – we’re going to be back, and we’re going to help them,’ said Trump.

The POTUS then immediately went to work handing outbsandwiches to people who lined up to get a meal and hopefully meet him and get a picture with him. Prior to that he reassured the residents, ‘We are there for you 100 percent.’

In the meanwhile, he was making small talks with most of the people which came along the line, who appeared relieved and happy from the visit.

During his visit, President Trump also met with first responders just as he did during his visit in Texas, praising first responders as well as local politicians for their effort.

Once again the First Family has set an example of how the leading roles in the nation should act in times of crisis, reassuring people and helping them get through hard times, with them on ground zero.

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