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Nikki Haley Sends Warning To North Korea

As most of us are familiar by know, the free world has been struggling recently against threats from rogue nation North  Korea and its wat-crazed dictator Kim Jong Un, that have despite all warnings still pushed their nuclear missile tests and made threats directly to the U.S. and its allies.

The tensions have been reaching new heights as the days go by, and now, despite all efforts of the free world to avoid taking arms against the North and using force to achieve a common goal of preventing war.

But unfortunately, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Hailey, has recently revealed that all the sanctions the U.N. has pushed on the North are not working and taking effect as Kim Jong Un refuses to uphold them, warning that it may be time to hand over the wheel to Secretary of State James Mattis, who we all know for having a more rigorous approach on the whole matter, even going as far as to make claims that America and its allies are ready to handle the situation with force.


While this isn’t the first time that the free world has reached a boiling point with the North, if Mattis takes control of the situation, it may just well be the last time, along with the end of the North’s threats of ‘beating’ the U.S. like a ‘rabid dog.’

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