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James Mattis Makes First Move After North Korea Launched Missile

Moments ago, we reported on a story that North Korea launched another missile from its capital of Pyongyang. The missile headed towards the east over the Japan soil, but however it ended up in the Pacific Ocean. Regardless of where the missile touched, this is a serious threat for our ally Japan, and to the world in general.

When reports of the missile broke, Secretary of Defense James Mattis decided to take the matter into his own hands, and he is currently on a three-stop tour and was at U.S. Strategic Command, located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Tara Copp, Pentagon Bureau Chief for the Military Times reports that Secretary James Mattis wasted no time and immediately headed to the command’s operations center to follow the situation closely.


Secretary Mattis sent a brutal surprise to Kim Jong-Un and he told the reporters that regardless of the location, he and the military will be ready if North Korea tries to do anything against the U.S.


The trip was especially highlighted in response of North Korea’s latest missile launch. Mattis’ trip was labeled as a “three-day nuclear-focused trip that comes during ongoing reviews of the U.S. nuclear posture and ballistic missile defense.” His first stop was in North Dakota at Minor Air Force Base.

That’s what we all wanted to hear. James Mattis is completely ready to protect us from North Korea and Kim Jong-Un.

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