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House votes to deport illegal immigrant gang members over Democratic objections

The Trump administration has just achieved a major accomplishment despite the opposition from the Democrats, as the House has just voted to deport criminal gang members.

Details reveal that the House of Representatives made the crucial call this Thursday, and will now keep illegal immigrants out of the U.S. if they are found to have a criminal background or participate in a gang activity.


The Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act which was passed in a 233-175 vote and was mostly backed by GOP lawmakers but opposed by the Dems, was originally introduced by Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va).

The bill requires the detaining and deportation of illegal immigrants, which would ensure that they won’t be eligble to receive immigration benefits as well as asylum, temporary protected status as well as immigrant juvenile status.

Comstock went on the House floor to state that the bill “will provide additional tools to law enforcement that will ensure that when [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] positively identifies a known alien gang member, they may act immediately,” explaining how we don’t have to wait until they take weapons and “another body on a children’s playground.”

This was one minor but still a peomise made by Donald Trump during his campain under the one which promised to reduce the gang activity in the nation, especially the one including illegal immigrants.

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