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ESPN Fired Curt Schilling for a Tweet -His Response Is Perfect

Another episode of political drama took place in ESPN when the well known “SportsCenter” host Jemele Hill went on Twitter to release a barrage of posts bashing President Donald Trump and calling him a “white supremacist.” Many conservatives immediately rose up asking for Hill to be fired for her comments against the commander-in-chief.

ESPN on the other hand took no action, and as a response, former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling issued a brutal message to the network, as well as its biased double standard for its employees. Schilling has felt this on his own skin when he was fired back in 2016 for posting a picture on Facebook as a direct slap to all liberals and their agenda:

Jemele on the other hand, failed to even receive a warning for her concerning behavior, going on Twitter to write:



She also went on to call the POTUS the “most ignorant offensive president of my lifetime” whose rise was apparently a “direct result of white supremacy.”

But since ESPN didn’t take any action, Schilling didn’t hesitate to go as far as to point out and expose the parent company of the network, Disney, known for their obvious liberal bias and double standard.


Fox Sports’ Clay Travis also took it to Twitter to point out another suspicious situation:


According to the newest details, Hill has since apologized for Jemele’s comments and revealed that they are not reflective of ESPN, but then again, neither were Schilling’s comments back then, and he was still fired.

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