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DOW Sets Another New All Time Record High This Morning – Up Over 21% Since the November Election!

Another all time high was registered by the DOW this morning, after setting an all time high at the closing bell yesterday and breaking the records from before reached by the DOW just two days before that.

This morning, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has officially recorded their 38th all-time-high record of 2017, closing at 22,203. When taken all together, there have been a total number of 165 days where the markets have closed, since the inauguration of President Donald Trump on January 20th. And for 38 of those days, the ‘DOW’ closed at all time highs for nearly 25% or one-fourth of the days the market has been open. This has eventually led to the market being up 12% since the inauguration.

But when going even further back since the election on November 8th, the DOW has closed 55 times which is another record all-time high number. More than one fourth (26%) of the 213 days that the markets have closed have been record-breaking nights. When looking back since election day, the market is up 21%.

But that is not all, as analysis reveal that if the market keeps on going and developing the same way it did until now, it will eventually lead up to another all-time closing high. This has once again shown that the Americans have started benefitting greatly from the change in administrations, and when compared to former President Obama, President Trump seems to know his job well when it comes to the field of business and economy.

The mainstream media may not share this incredible success, which means it is up to us to spread the word and show the Trump administration our support!

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