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Timm Allen Received Good News About His Show ‘Last Man Standing’

Tim Allen is finally going to receive some really good news. At least, that’s what the rumor says…

After the ugly lynch against the conservatives, the mainstream media felt really powerful at the moment, but they never expected that the conservative hosts, celebrities, and reporters will strike back.

Actually, Tim Allen is not a vulgar or ‘impulsive’ person. He is a real professional and he didn’t follow the example of his liberal colleagues. He showed his huge disappointment but in a polite way. This is his twitter post after it was announced that ‘last Man Standing’ is getting canceled by ABC.

What’s even worse, is that ‘Last Man Standing’ is the third most popular TV show in ABC’s history. This show was really popular and millions of Americans enjoyed in this show, which is quite different from most of the liberal shows.

But, today, as Nation News reports, Tim Allen may quickly return with his show and it is going to be awesome! That’s right! After this heavy injustice, Tim Allen still has the chance to win this war against the liberal ABC.

Actually, ‘Last Man Standing’ is a show produced and owned by 20th Century Fox, which is part of the larger corporation- Fox Entertainment Group.

The rumor says that Tim Allen already had a conversation with the people in FOX, who are not happy to let go one of their most popular shows with the highest rating. It’s a ‘gold mine’ after all…

The official announcement is expected within the next month. Tim Allen’s show will be ‘delayed’ for a while, but however, we should pray for him and hope that we will see Tim Allen and his friends again on our TV screens.

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