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Boycott: Target Sells Degenerate LGBT Pins

As of mid-May, struggling discount retailer Target appeared to be selling fake science in the form of so-called “preferred pronoun” buttons and “gender symbol” pins.

The buttons were available for purchase with the following messages: “HE,” “SHE,” “THEY” and “Ask me about my pronoun!”

“He” and “she” are legitimate individual pronouns, whereas “they” was a fake (and grammatically incoherent) construction by the politically correct community. According to The Washington Post, “they” is designed to refer to someone who doesn’t identify as entirely male or entirely female.

Take a look at the buttons below:

The pins were similarly part legitimate, part fake science. One set of pins displayed the male gender symbol, another set displayed the female gender symbol and the last set displayed a gross combination of both symbols.

For the record, humans can only be either male or female, regardless of what they choose to “identify” themselves as.

Take a look at the pins below:

If Target’s executives want to peddle fake science, that’s certainly their prerogative. That being said, it speaks to Target CEO Brian Cornell’s incredible arrogance that he has chosen to continue doubling down on a failed marketing strategy that has cost his company billions in market value.

As of early 2017, Target’s decline was estimated to have cost the corporation at least $10 billion in market value. Likewise, Cornell’s own salary has reportedly been cut by nearly a third to $11.3 million per year.

Many believe Target’s precipitous drops resulted from Cornell’s ill-advised embrace last year of transgender bathrooms. It wasn’t until April of this year that Cornell finally began quietly admitting that the policies he had helped implement were damaging his company, though the introduction of these gender buttons and pins suggest his moment of clarity didn’t last very long.

If Target continues on this imprudent trajectory, it will be only a matter of time before its market value and Cornell’s salary plummet to something closer to $0.

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