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Woman Has Urgent Warning After What Muslim Gang Did To Her At Stoplight

Law enforcement is seeing a disturbing trend in crime, and now an urgent warning is being issued. A terrified woman has since spoken out about the matter after it happened to her – and it all took place when the unsuspecting victim was innocently sitting at a stoplight, patiently waiting for it to turn green.

Although liberals want you to believe that Islam is the “religion of peace,” that is clearly not the case. In fact, more and more people are waking up to this reality as violent instances involving Muslims continue to pile up and contradict the left’s narrative.

Most recently proving the point is what happened to Cala Grant in Offerton, a suburb of Stockport in Greater Manchester, England. According to The Telegraph, although the Muslims’ intentions are unclear when they approached her car, Ms. Grant took to Facebook to explain why people need to be on the lookout for Islamists at every single red light.

“Two men attempted to get into my car while I was sat at traffic lights in Offerton,” she wrote. “As the male was walking towards the driver side he looked like he was just crossing the road then quickly went for my door handle.”

Unfortunately, the story only got worse from there. “At that time out of nowhere another male was attempting my passenger side,” Ms. Grant continued. “Luckily my doors were locked so I just raced off through a red light and nearly got hit by another driver in the process.”

As it turns out, the incident was actually the workings of a Muslim gang who either wanted to steal the woman’s car or kidnap her entirely. Of course, if the latter turned out to be the case, well, there’s no telling what they would do once they had her.

Fortunately, Ms. Grant was unknowingly prepared. Although most car doors typically lock on their own these days, that isn’t the case for every vehicle, resulting in the terrified woman issuing an imperative warning: “Please, please lock your doors!”

Sadly, this wasn’t the only time this happened as another woman reported the same thing just a few streets over. “She was absolutely terrified and I think people need to be warned. Aquinas College is nearby where there are 100s of kids, many of them drive but probably don’t have new cars that have self-locking doors,” the woman’s mother told the Manchester Evening News. “I feel threatened myself and worried for my girls.”

At this time, police have begun to look into the matter but have yet to come up with any leads. However, there could be a reason for this. Officials may be dragging their feet because of the potential suspects’ race and origin.

In fact, the men have only been described as “Asian” men in their 20’s, but that’s actually saying a bit more than police probably intended. After all, using the term “Asian” to describe men of Middle Eastern descent has become commonplace for liberals in their pursuit to bury the horrifying reality of Islam.

Try as the left might to make Muslims seem like good folks, people don’t seem to be buying it so much anymore – and who could blame them? At this point, the evidence is staggering when it comes to demonstrating the violent and barbaric ideology that the left tries to pass off as “peaceful.” All it takes at this point is a willing person to open their eyes, and the truth is right in front of them.

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