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White Girl (13) Escapes Muslim Rapists, What Cops Tell Her Is Even Sicker

After a 13-year-old white girl was abducted and brutally raped by a group of migrant pedophiles who kept her as their own personal sex slave, she miraculously managed to escape. However, as soon as the courageous little girl reported the sadistic rapists to authorities, they had just one sickening thing to say to her.

With the West opening its borders to refugees, who are mostly men from Islamic countries, comes the creeping Islamization of non-Muslim nations. While terrorist attacks, high birthrate, and even the rape epidemic are effective tactics for bringing about Sharia law, it’s the West’s willingness to hold political correctness above morality that will be the death of its freedom.

During a segment on LBC with reporter Katie Hopkins, an anonymous caller phoned into the show to reveal just how influential the Muslim migrant child grooming gangs are in the United Kingdom. However, the unknown woman not only exposed the rampant pedophilia and child prostitution these migrants are bringing but, even worse, how the authorities are handling it at the instruction of the liberal government officials.

Known only as “Emma,” the woman explained that she was groomed at age 13 by Pakistani Muslim men, who have been identified as some of the 18 Muslim migrants jailed between 1999 and 2001 in Rotherham for heinous sex crimes involving children. As one of over 1,400 children abused by the pedophile gang, she told of her harrowing escape, which led her parents to notify the authorities. Unfortunately, the response they received made the girl’s abuse all the more devastating.

According to Daily Mail, 13-year-old Emma was “specifically told not to comment” on the migrant background and Islamic religion of the rapists by Rotherham police officers. Instead of seeking out the child rapists, the police scrambled to silence the raped child and her family in order to protect the identities of the criminals for fear of being accused of racism.

“I actually reported my abuse 14 years ago. I went to the authorities, my parents did. I sat and gave video interviews with the police, I was willing to work with them. I never once looked at my perpetrators for what race or religion they were. I simply looked at who they were and what they’d done.”

Although she was only a child when she suffered horrific sexual abuse and the authorities knew about the grooming gangs, they were more concerned with Islam’s reputation and the idea of “multiculturalism.” Breitbart reports that even the government officials sworn to protect the child victims of such abuse blamed her for the crimes.

“My perpetrators made me feel like I was in the wrong and they [police and social workers] fed into that. And I felt like, ‘Maybe my perpetrators are right. Maybe it’s not them that’s got the problem, maybe it’s me.’”

Emma still remembers every detail of the stomach-churning abuse, telling Hopkins that she was still a virgin when the migrants raped her. During the grooming process, the men introduced her to drugs and alcohol to ply her for the upcoming abuse.

“The first time I was actually raped, I was a virgin, I was 13. I was held down and raped. That’s when it started. It would be once a week, every week and they started passing me around.”

Although the mainstream media will never mention it, Emma and the rest of the 1,400 victims were being held as the men’s Islamic sex slaves, as the Quran and prophet Muhammad command.

“When I was 14 I was taken to a property and they locked me inside the property and took it in turns to sexually assault me, one by one. That was my life.

“They then started threatening that they would gang rape my mum if I started speaking about it. They knew where I lived because I told them in that grooming process, they knew my school. I couldn’t get away.”

After reporting the Muslim migrants, Emma and her family became targets of the Muslim community that sought to protect their own. Emma’s parents were soon forced to flee the country.

Although the Rotherham Muslim grooming gangs, the biggest child protection scandal in Britain’s history, has been uncovered over the years, it has actually flourished thanks to the government’s politically correct approach. Activists like Tommy Robinson, Paul Golding, and Jayda Fransen, who’ve exposed the police corruption and identities of the rapists, have been arrested, fined, and jailed for “inciting racial hatred” by criticizing Muslim migrants.

Unless the people rise up in defiance of political correctness, Islam and all of its barbaric practices will continue to take over the West and establish Sharia law.

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