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Watch: Ex-Muslim Goes Viral, Blasts Libs Who Say Islam Is Good

In a video from a Milo Yiannopoulos event last year, a woman who escaped Islamic oppression in the Middle East laid bare the truth about what radical Islam can do to women like her — and why it can’t be brought to America.

The student, identified as Sarah, said that if liberals want to bring the Muslims she escaped from in the Middle East to America, “meet me in the next 15 minutes for an a**-kicking.”

“What brought me here is that I found home in America,” Sarah said. “And I would really hate it if the values that I — that made me find America as my home would be destroyed.

“I’m with Trump campaign, I’m with the Republican campaign,” said Sarah, who says she escaped from an arranged marriage three years ago. “Keep the people out of America that … would change America (from) what we love it for.”

Sarah said she fled Kuwait when her “very Muslim husband told me I didn’t need to go to college because my degree didn’t mean anything because it wouldn’t matter.”

“I didn’t stick with that,” she added with a smile. “I’m in college now.”

“I think what gave me the courage to get out of there is — I would say the internet,” she continued. “When I was a kid, I didn’t know there was another option. But then we got global and I was able to learn to see other cultures through the eyes of (livestreamers), not just through the eyes of movies.”

Ah yes. Aren’t we constantly told by the left that we need to see cultures through the eyes of the people who live there? And yet, when those people see our culture without the filter of anti-American media, many of them decide to escape.

This is what the left doesn’t want to acknowledge — the oppression of women in many Islamic cultures. Feminism rarely if ever addresses this head on, instead preferring to pen papers about the gendering of squirrel populations.

In other words, they care more about how we perceive squirrels than the very real oppression of women in the Muslim world. No wonder those who have experienced that oppression firsthand, like Sarah, choose to support conservatism.

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