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Socialist Venezuela is Unravelling. Smug College Student Blames… Capitalism?!

Venezuela is the result of “unbridled” socialism (see Helpless Venezuelan SHOT by Socialist Militia and Socialist Venezuelan Government SEIZES General Motors Plant). College students, who’ve lived in a world of trigger warnings, safe spaces, and soy lattes, ignore facts and blame capitalism for the unmitigated crapnado that is Venezuela. Why blame the system you’re touting when you can blame the system which made your life so cushy?

One such smug moron found himself on Tucker Carlson’s show

Dakotah Lilly of Students And Youth for a New America said observers should acknowledge “what Venezuela is facing is terrorism by the opposition.”

Lilly also pointed to the frequency of elections in the country as a reason that years of socialist policies are not to blame.

“Every country that tries this economic system ends up in poverty,” Tucker Carlson said, calling what has happened this past decade in Caracas “fairly predictable.”

Carlson said Lilly was “making excuses” for Maduro and pointed to authoritarian moves like banning gun ownership and policies that have led to dire shortages of things like toilet paper.

“It’s a total disaster. Why not say so? … Why make excuses for them?” he asked.

Excellent questions.

Unsurprisingly, the smug student didn’t have answers. But what can you expect from a dumpling with a name like “Dakotah Lilly”? Really, his parents were setting him up for a life time of delicacies and doilies. It’s practically child abuse.

There’s a simple reason why Dakotah couldn’t answer Tucker Carlson: socialism isn’t the answer to anything. It’s a political philosophy which promises so much, but delivers little more than misery, suffering and oppression. But no entitled college crumpet wants to follow socialism to its destination, only what it promises: “equality for all.” As we’ve said repeatedly, all socialism eventually achieves is equality of misery. Socialism takes human nature out of the equation, it punishes ambition, rewards laziness (ahem), but eventually leads to the dystopian societies that residents of capitalistic societies read for entertainment.

Puff weasels like Dakotah would be wise to open their minds beyond what they feel entitled to. He and his squishy ilk won’t read about socialism’s ills, of course. Such a pursuit would require an actual open mind and willingness to learn.

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