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New Indiana Bill Is Pretty Simple “Hire An Illegal, Lose Your License“

Unlike Democrats who don’t have a problem wit illegal immigrant swarming over the border, taking our jobs and spending our hard earned money, Americans who believe in following the law and the sovereignty of the country, see a problem.

Indiana is the latest state to combat the illegal alien problem. They found a simple yet effective solution.  The state is going after businesses that employ undocumented workers.

Senate bill 285 prohibits an employer from knowingly employing unauthorized aliens in their business. If there a suspicion of doing so,  the Senate bill 285  authorizes the attorney general to investigate the complaint, verify and notify the ICE or local authorities.

The bill protects businesses who are found to be employing illegals who performed reasonable measures to properly vet their employees, this includes utilizing the E-verify system or complying in good faith with the federal employment verification requirements.

Businesses found to break those rules is prosecuted and will lose their business license.

This concept has been suggested by Republicans for years as one step to real immigration reform on a national level.

This bill alleviates the Left’s charges of racism or discrimination and at the same time deters illegals from entering into America looking for a job. When they see there’s no job for them they’ll deport themselves by returning to the country of origin.

Entering the U.S at the front door and following the rules is the right thing to do, perhaps they’ll finally realize that.

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