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Mom Busted For Theft, Stunned When Grinning Cop Approaches Her At Court

A year ago, a young mother from Alabama was busted while attempting to shoplift. As her court appearances finally came to a close and she paid her hefty fine, nothing had prepared her for what would happen when a grinning cop approached her, leaving her in tears.

Sheena Davenport, 18, and her fiance Logan McPherson had just moved out on their own with their infant daughter, Skylar. Having relocated to Dothan, Alabama, when Logan received a new a position, they were left horrified when he unexpectedly lost his job soon thereafter. Unfortunately, the hardship left the couple struggling for money, and they couldn’t even afford food for themselves or their daughter. As a last-ditch effort, Sheena went to Walmart where she was caught stealing food to feed her family.

Sheena Davenport, Logan McPherson, and their daughter, Skylar.

Nearly a year later, Sheena attended the final court hearing regarding her crime. After she paid her hefty fines, she was asked by another person in the courtroom about the circumstances that led to her stealing. “I had to feed my family. We literally only had $5 to our name,” Sheena explained, according to Daily Mail. “That wasn’t going to buy enough for three people. This was the worst day of my life.” It was then, she admitted, that she ended up trying to steal food for a couple of dinners and some snacks.

Unbeknownst to the young mother, Dothan Police Officer Katrina Culbreath had overheard her entire conversation and decided to step in. “I sat there and listened to the entire conversation and it hit me: I have been there. No, I haven’t stolen, but I do know how hard it can get trying to feed your family,” the officer recalled.

After Sheena finished her paperwork and paid $700 in restitution and fines, Officer Culbreath confidently approached the young girl and asked her to meet her outside. To Sheena’s shock, the officer told her to follow her to the local Winn Dixie grocery store and told the teen mom that she wanted to buy her family groceries and some diapers for her daughter.

“I wanted her to know, I know how sometimes things just overcome us and we feel like we have hit rock bottom. I wanted her to know I knew how she felt, but nothing is never worth stealing,” Officer Culbreath explained. “I made it clear that day if she ever needed any food or clothes not to steal, find me. I will help you as much as I can. If I can’t, I will help her find someone who will.”

After the grocery trip, Sheena posted the entire experience on Facebook to show everyone exactly what the officer had done for her. Officer Culbreath spent a total of $139 to help feed the family, a completely selfless gift that Sheena will undoubtedly remember for the rest of her life. “I felt so grateful that she was sent to help me. I started crying,” Sheena admitted, according to Inside Edition. “I felt someone was looking out for me and my little family.”

Although police officers are often portrayed as the “bad guys,” clearly, this isn’t the case. These men and women in blue would give their lives protecting citizens of this country, and they are rarely given the respect they deserve. There aren’t too many people who would spontaneously offer to buy someone’s groceries, but perhaps we all could learn a lesson in kindness from this officer. God intended for us all to be kind and to love one another; the least we could do is help someone who is struggling. It would undoubtedly change how the world works.

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