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Millions Of Greedy Illegals Just Got Worst News!

A single swipe of our President’s pen will destroy every illegal immigrant’s life who is caught collecting welfare. This is what leaked about President’s latest executive order. Liberals are frantic.

Obama let every illegal who came to America immediately apply for and get on welfare, thanks to the sanctuary cities across the nation, concealing their identities from federal agents.

But as President Trump pointed out, collecting welfare is not a right, it’s a privilege, just like immigration to our country. And they are about to taste the brutal taste of life if ever caught collecting a welfare check.

Every illegal found to be living on welfare will be packed up and shipped back to their homeland. Anyone coming to America to feed on taxpayers money will be permanently banned from entering the country.

The administration would be seeking to “deny admission to any alien who is likely to become a public charge” and develop standards for “determining” whether an immigrant can be deported after five years, if that person receives a certain amount of public assistance, including Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and Medicaid.

Welfare leeches, living on hardworking American backs will be tollerated no more. Hope you enjoyed while lasted under Obama. Drain the swamp applies to you too!


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