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Mike Huckabee Defends His Daughter Against Liberals’ Attacks

Mike Huckabee is a great man that raised an even more classy daughter. As I already said before, America is turned into a battlefield of a heavy psychological warfare, where the liberal mainstream media together with the liberal elites, with all of their SPINS, want to oppress the entire nation.

They want us to believe in their lies, be just costumes, bank number accounts, law obeying citizens and clean taxpayers, but they don’t want you to know what they’re doing behind the scene. The liberal elites want us to live in a psychotic country where they will do whatever they want, enslave and globalize the whole world, while we watch their liberal show, discuss transgender, fight for immigrants etc.

That’s not going to happen! The liberal media spinners felt how powerful America is when Mike Huckabee’s daughter Sarah Huckabee-Sanders destroyed the disrespectful journalists in the White House. It was a real pleasure to watch.

The left, of course, started attacking this successful young woman. Why? Because she showed character and knowledge, courage and professionalism. The media spinners were silent. Mike Huckabee also slammed the liberals with his awesome twitter posts, reports Conservative101.

“Daughter was prepared for WH press corps. (S)he has 3 pre-schoolers and used to dealing with the same questions over and over.” Ouch! He also tweeted a photo of Lady Gaga in her infamous “meat dress” and said, “Doing White House press briefing for @realDonaldTrump is like wearing Lady Gaga meat dress in a zoo cage with lions.”

Huckabee has a good sense of humor, after all. But that’s true. They all work synchronized, with one goal- to compromise and discredit the White House administration with ridiculous fake news stories and spins.

“I always say that when most kids are seven or eight years old out jumping rope, she was sitting at the kitchen table listening to [political pundits] analyze poll results. [Sarah] saw how utterly unfair and petty the press can be for even simple things. So having grown up with that, I think people don’t understand — it’s not just that she presents a sort of sense of being beyond it; she really is. She’s seen it her whole life.” He continued, “She grew up pretty doggone tough. She had to, as a matter of survival. She’s got a very sweet heart, but she’s tough, and she can handle herself. She’s had to take all kinds of guff from her brothers, so she’s pretty fearless.”

Mike Huckabee made a great statement. Do you support him? Aren’t you all disappointed from the level of corruption in the media?


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