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Look What Ivanka Was Caught Doing This Morning

The nation was shook yesterday when the fake scandal claiming President Trump shared intelligence with Russian officials surfaced, and while the people of America are outraged that something they would accuse the president of something like this, it seems that the members of the Trump family that are affected the most by all the hate that nasty liberals are throwing their way.

The whole family was shocked by the fact that liberals took it too far this time. First Daughter Ivanka was seen and she didn’t seem to be very happy the morning after when she was walking out of the side gate of her residence. While her husband Jared Kushner flashed a smile at the reporters, Ivanka seemed to be in deep thought.

Despite the stressful situation created by the fake scandal which took the people by surprise, Ivanka didn’t let fake stories and liberal hate bring her or her family down in any way, so taking advantage of the beautiful day she went out with her family to celebrate Mother’s Day.

According to reports, the family enjoyed a leisurely Mother’s Day, and even posted a photo with her own mom Ivana Trump, sharing a throwback picture of them both from back when Ivanka was a child.

This is a time when the Trump family needs all the support we can get, so let’s spread the word that they are INNOCENT. The liberals will pay for their ranting and their fake news stories that have only one goal – to impeach our President Trump!

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