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Leftists Attacked Trump Following The WaPo Russia Story

One thing is for certain – leftists will never get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump badly. They are still delusional and continue making up things to harass the President at his private business that he no longer runs.

Reports are everywhere that leftist claim Trump took bribes at his hotel, so they felt the need to project a picture “Pay Trump Bribes here” onto the Trump hotel in Washington, D.C., later yesterday.

According to the prohibits of the emoluments clause, no person holding any office or profit of trust under them shall without the consent of the Congress accept anything from anyone from a foreign state.


Now it is unclear of what bribes and emoluments these delusional people are referring to, but the funny thing is that leftists were nowhere to be found back when Clinton’s foundation was accepting “emoluments from foreign governments in order to line her and her family’s pockets.” 

It is clear to everyone that the left is literally trying every single thing that comes up on their mind to see what works against trump, and what doesn’t. For an example, we all noticed how the Black Lives Matter activity went down and activist are not to be heard from?

So it is not hard to paint the picture of the left constantly trying new things to get Trump in trouble and eventually, impeached him.

It is also important to note that leftists are paying people to attend town halls to disrupt them in the first place, instead of letting all representatives have actual discussions with their constituents.

But one thing is for certain – nothing has swayed people on their side. Twitter users quickly noticed this and here’s how they reacted:












Let’s take a moment and give our full support to President Trump. We know that he did nothing illegal, and he is 100% innocent in this story.

Also let’s pray for Trump’s safety, because these liberals are getting angrier and angrier every day.


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