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Elderly Woman Faces 4 Years In Prison For Catching What Muslim Migrants Did

When a 70-year-old woman noticed the disgusting things that migrants were doing in public, she immediately exposed their sickening criminal behavior. However, the elderly woman was quickly charged with a hate crime and is now on trial all because of what she caught the refugees doing.

As the left seeks to protect Islam from all legitimate criticism, they have found that the only way to crack down on the uncomfortable truth is to go after our freedom of speech. Cleverly labeling all dissenting views as “hate speech,” liberals have officially made it a criminal offense to even expose criminal acts as long as they’re being committed by Muslim asylum seekers.

According to online newspaper Fria Tider, a 70-year-old Swedish retiree has been charged with “incitement to racial hatred” for simply stating the truth that Muslim migrants are “setting fire to cars and urinating and defecating on the streets.” The elderly pensioner is on trial for a federal hate crime after she merely commented on Facebook about asylum seekers torching vehicles and using public spaces as their bathroom, which has been documented many times for the world to see.

Although the arson and public indecency that the migrants are widely perpetrating are crimes on their own, police were more concerned with the elderly woman’s truthful admission of what’s happening on the streets of her home in Dalarna.

According to Swedish outlet DT, the post was from 2015 and violates the country’s law on incitement to racial hatred, which cracks down on any statement, fact or otherwise, that paints the massive influx of Muslim migrants in a negative light. As such, Swedes are finding it difficult and dangerous to even report crimes committed by refugees, no matter how heinous.

According to Breitbart, the woman was brought to court, which seeks to punish her for “expressing a disparaging view of refugees.” The prosecution claims that the statements were “derogatory” but doesn’t dare admit that they are accurate.

The woman admitted that she wrote the post but boldly denies any wrongdoing and has demanded her right to free speech. She refuses to apologize for her statement as it is both true and unbiased. She now faces a maximum sentence of 4 years in prison.

The woman was accused of being a racist even though Islam is not a race. In fact, “migrant” isn’t a race either but, thanks to political correctness, both characteristics are now protected from free speech.

Disturbingly, the woman will likely be convicted as even Sweden’s Justice Minister Morgan Johansson has openly expressed his willingness to allow terrorists to re-enter the country after fighting with ISIS because of their protected migrant background.

“We have freedom of speech in Sweden. This means people have the right to hold repulsive opinions here,” said Johansson. “But there are always limits… For example when it comes to hate speech,” added the minister, who called Nord’s policy suggestion “problematic” and demanded the police chief “explain himself.”

Johansson’s contradictory comments perfectly sum up the most dangerous aspect of the left. Speech cannot be considered free unless it is allowed to be offensive. Inoffensive speech needs no protection but negative speech, regardless of how someone feels about it, is crucial in a free society. Once we are not allowed to utter speech that the left considers hateful, we are enslaved to those protected from criticism.

Unbelievably, Sweden’s left is quite literally going after little old ladies in an effort to protect their most oppressive, violent threat. Ironically, the same liberals who are defending Islam are the ones who hold values that are not only opposed by the religion’s fundamentals but are illegal.

While Sharia law offers no freedom of speech, it requires the death penalty for homosexuality, adultery, apostasy, and feminist activism, all of which the left values. In Islamic societies, leftists are considered a terrorist minority group and are often dealt with either by the Muslim community’s mob justice or in inhumane Sharia courts.

As liberals defend Islam’s privilege to be the only religion free from criticism, they will not be given the same respect in return for their efforts. This appeasement has been used in every country that is now a Muslim majority as a stepping stone toward totalitarian Sharia law.

If there’s one thing Sweden’s left proves, it’s that free speech is our most valuable weapon to combat dangerous ideologies and cultures.

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