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Democrats Are Getting Arrested By The FBI

IT’S FINALLY BEGINNING! The American liberal leftists are losing the war! In this heavy psychological warfare, we witness dirty games and we read about how Trump is trying to drain the swamp.

But we never know what exactly happens deep down in the “swamp”. Criminal activities of the worst kind, illegal activities that put our country in a real danger.

However, the things are changing now. After James Comey got fired, the FBI have the opportunity to work FREE, without pressure, without ‘negotiations’ with criminals and without blackmail.

The FBI started working with full power right after James Comey left the FBI. Today, they have some GREAT news for the American patriots. It seems that the FBI want to rebuild their reputation and make radical changes in the Bureau.

They chose the best way to begin with the process- WITH ARRESTING DEMOCRATS. The Department of Justice announced today that State Department employee Candace Claiborn-a Clinton employee- has been arrested and charged by the FBI for failing to disclose foreign contacts and making false statements to federal investigators. This is really shocking, because Candace Claiborn was a State Department employee and for so long noone noticed ‘what is she made of’.

This woman was employed by Bill Clinton in 1999 and then she stuck close to Hillary Clinton. Claiborn is guilty for trading classified information with Chinese officials- mostly about upcoming trade deals. The Chinese were very generous. The bought her an apartment

The Chinese were very generous. The bought her an apartment, Iphone and laptop, they gave her cash and luxuries. There is tons of evidence against Claiborn. She even had transactions on her personal bank account.

NOW WHAT? Hillary’s employee is connected with foreign intelligence cooperation. Is this an indicator that the entire Democrat Party supports globalism and cooperates with foreign countries?


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