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Condoleezza Rice Commented Trump’s Foreign Policy

Donald Trump started really great with his foreign policy. He showed some real leadership and serious engagement to protecting the American national interests.

He significantly improved the relations with China. He showed the entire world that he is not going to let any more chemical weapons usage and he also did everything in his power to secure America and the entire world against the sick threats by N. Korea.

However, the liberal leftists never wanted to accept the fact that Donald Trump has a better policy than Barack Obama, for example. The Democratic Party members always supported the idea of ‘open borders society’ and ‘one world government’, but in fact, the American people NEVER had any kind of profit from this policy, except the 1% of liberal elites who made billions around the world.

However, the experts are always there to defend the right policy for our country. Condoleezza Rice is one of them. She had a nice interview with Politico in which she reveals that she supports Trump’s policy and she thinks that we should defend our own, national interests, as well as the humanitarian rights.

“I think, for instance, to say to the Chinese, ‘If you don’t deal with the North Koreans, we will’ — there’s nothing wrong with that message,” said Rice, according to Conservative Tribune. “I think to say to the Syrians, ‘We are not going to sit by and let you gas Syrian babies’ — I think there’s nothing wrong with that message.”

Condoleezza Rice made a strong notice on how powerful Trump’s team is. She is assured that we don’t have to worry about our security, nor for our relations with foreign countries. Donald Trump is doing great, and you just don’t have to be ignorant to realize that, after making just a short analysis.

“I see nothing wrong with that message and I think it is reflective also of the strength of the national security team that they have: Rex Tillerson and Jim Mattis and H.R. McMaster and John Kelly,” – Condi Rice continued.

How about you, dear readers? Are you happy with Trump’s policy? Do you agree with Condi Rice? Feel free to comment and share your opinion!


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