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Black Community And Latinos For Trump Protesting In Front Of Maxine Waters’ House

Maxine Waters, the famous Trump-bashing and poverty-preaching liberal has an annual salary of $174,000 per year, but despite this, she lives a lavish lifestyle in her three homes, one of which costs $4.5 million. But it seems that after all that hating on Trump in order to make herself appeal more to the people, karma has set foot on her front lawn, and you bet that Waters didn’t like one bit of it.

According to reports, Latino and black protesters along with a mariachi band gathered in front of Waters’ $4.5 million mansion in Los Angeles, California. Waters has been calling for President Trump’s impeachment for a long time now, but she has had a dose of Karma as the “Hashtag Impeach Maxine” movement has arrived just in front of her house for a show.

The whole goal of the protest which took place in front of her house was to show her that people are sick and tired of her preaching about poverty  allegedly caused by Republicans, when she herself is living an elitist lavish lifestyle. The truth about Waters is that she is just trying be liked by the people more by putting down President Trump, and people hate her for that.


If you ask us, instead of bashing Trump every chance she gets and blaming him for our poverty, maybe she should share some of her own money with the poor, then she won’t be having these types of problems.


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