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WATCH: White Girl Goes On Vacation, Given Sickening ‘Welcome’ By Muslims

A woman was forced to go on vacation alone after learning that there was an issue with her boyfriend’s passport, but she should have thought twice, given the destination. As it turns out, a few men were intrigued to see a white girl casually walking around – and that’s when they decided to grace her with a sickening “welcome gift.”

It all started on April 26th when Magdalena Zuk, “Madu” for short, decided to leave her home country of Poland to go on vacation with her boyfriend in Egypt, a country with an 85% Muslim population. However, their plans came to screeching halt when they realized that her significant other’s passport was expired.

Not wanting to miss out on the incredible opportunity, Madu decided to venture out on her own to enjoy the trip even if her boyfriend couldn’t – but this is one trip that she should have skipped. Although she spoke to her family just after arriving, then, for two days, there was no sign of life.

Unfortunately, things would only get worse when Madu’s family and boyfriend spoke to her during a 15-minute video call where she didn’t even resemble herself. Clearly frightened and disoriented at the time, and maybe even drugged, she spoke a few bizarre sentences, including, “They have different tricks here,” “Take me away, please,” “I will not come back from here,” and, “I can not speak, It’s useless.”

Sadly, that would be the last time that anyone heard from Madu as she was soon reported dead with no other information. Despite calls for an explanation from Poland, the silence from Egyptian officials was excessively long and suspicious.

According to Al Arabiya English, Egypt finally, just recently, broke their silence on the matter by releasing a video and explaining that Madu was suffering from a “mental disturbance” – but things aren’t adding up. According to officials, the woman tried to leave the country, but officers wouldn’t allow it and eventually took her to an area hospital.

While hospitalized, officials claim that Madu stripped herself naked and tried several times to escape. Not wanting this to happen, they restrained her and took her to a more private facility nearby. However, she was able to free herself and later allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the room’s balcony, but there aren’t too many people who are buying the story, especially seeing how long it took officials to release it.

Making matters worse, a few theories have started to emerge on social media that would actually make a lot more sense. According to the news website Stormfront, they claim that Madu had been raped to the point of unconsciousness by staff at the hotel where she was staying.

She then tried to go to the hospital for treatment but was denied “because they did not accept cases of physical abuse.” Of course, it would be understandable for any woman to be suffering a mental breakdown after being raped as the attack is every bit psychological as it is physical. As for her family, they say that Madu isn’t the kind of person who would have committed suicide and are demanding the truth.

Although the left would have you believe that Islam is a religion of peace, that’s clearly not the case. Islam is the religion of violence, war, and barbarism – and if Madu was still here, she’d tell you the same. This woman sought to see a beautiful portion of the world but had that experience and her life stripped away because a disgusting ideology teaches its followers that women are no better than dogs or property and that men can do with them as they please.

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