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WATCH: As Waters Bashes Trump, Onlookers Shocked To See Who’s In Crowd

Over the weekend, the entitled whiners on the left came out in force to listen to Maxine Waters demand the impeachment of President Donald Trump during a California town hall. “Aunt Maxine” joined the liberal cries and even bashed Trump in a public speech – but onlookers would later be left shocked to see who was in the crowd at the time.

The entitled Waters reportedly arrived late to the event in Inglewood, California, but her inconvenienced supporters didn’t seem to mind spending the extra time waiting to see their beloved hero. As we all know, the corrupt Congresswoman has only recently seen a bump in popularity after promising that she would personally remove Trump from office through whatever means necessary.

Of course, anyone with the slightest bit of common sense would tell you that this is just a pipe-dream as even Waters has told the American people that they have no evidence Trump did anything wrong. Sadly, even the truth doesn’t stop liberal whiners from making even greater fools of themselves as they continue to call for the man’s impeachment, knowing full well there’s no way to make it happen.

Unfortunately for the rest of the country, that means we have to listen to idiots like Waters and, worst of all, her clueless supporters drone on and on about how Trump needs to vacate the Oval Office immediately. In fact, Waters used her time during the town hall to get that point across, but there was just one thing that even she wasn’t ready for.

As it turns out, Waters’ support may actually be on the decline. According to Young Conservatives, several protesters showed up and decided to give the woman a piece of their mind.

Despite being kind and courteous, letting Waters speak and only booing or making remarks as everyone else was clapping and cheering, the man and his ensemble were quickly ushered out of the event. Even though they weren’t threatening anyone, unlike what Trump supporters have seen from liberal protesters at a Trump rally, the YouTube video shows they were quickly silenced and kicked out of the event, but they were not alone.

Come to find out, there were several protesters who attended the event and decided to give Maxine Waters hell in any way they could. Along with the people inside the town hall, others decided to hang a series of signs all over the town where Waters was set to appear.

It just goes to show that you really can’t fix stupid. Most people know that Waters can’t impeach Trump because he’s done nothing wrong. Heck, she’s even explained that much at this point, but desperate liberals still don’t get it.

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