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Osama Bin Laden’s Son Captured In Sick Video, Issues Chilling Threat To US

Six years after the death of his father, Hamza Bin Laden has released a sickening propaganda video which he narrates in Arabic with English subtitles. The footage contains a chilling threat to the U.S., straight from the lips of the 28-year-old who is positioning himself as the next leader of Al Qaeda.

“This is advice for anyone who intends to carry out a martyrdom operation,” Hamza Bin Laden tells his followers in the 10-minute clip. “Be perfect in your choice of targets, so that you may damage your enemies more. If you are able to pick a firearm, well and good; if not, the options are many.”

“Take lead in inflicting losses, attacking the jugular of the enemy and hitting its joints,” adds the son of deceased terrorist Osama Bin Laden, who was killed by U.S. Special Forces on May 2, 2011. The video appeared to be intentionally timed with the anniversary of the former Al Qaeda leader’s death.

Hamza Bin Laden is believed to be positioning himself as the new leader of Al Qaeda, challenging Ayman al-Zawahiri, who took over the terror group following the killing of Osama Bin Laden by US Navy Seals at a compound in Pakistan in 2011.

Terrorism expert Professor Anthony Glees said: ‘The threat from this video is extremely serious.’ [Source: Daily Mail]

Rita Katz, director of the SITE Intelligence Group, revealed that Bin Laden prioritizes targets for his followers in the propaganda video, labeling Jews, Americans, American interests, members of NATO, and Russia as the ones to go after first.

As a child, Hamza was literally a poster boy for Al Qaeda, posing next to his father for promo photos with various firearms. Apparently, the young terrorist is still keen on following in daddy’s footsteps. The State Department placed him on the U.S. terrorist watchlist earlier this year.

“His recent message that came out, he delivered the speech as if it’s his father…using sentences, terminology that was used by Osama bin Laden,” Ali Soufan, the former FBI agent who was the bureau’s lead investigator of Al Qaeda after the 9/11 attacks, told CBS News.

“He’s basically saying, ‘American people, we’re coming and you’re going to feel it. And we’re going to take revenge for what you did to my father…Iraq…Afghanistan’…the whole thing was about vengeance,” added Soufan. “Al Qaeda is stronger than ever. I don’t believe even Bin Laden in his wildest dreams thought that he will have followers who command armies, troops…lands…”

Indeed, thanks to the failed foreign policy of former President Barack Obama, Al Qaeda is stronger than ever. It is time to stop pussy-footing around the feelings of radical Islamic terrorists who seek to destroy Western civilization and adopt the hardline approach of President Donald Trump, who has shown that he will not hesitate to bomb the scumbags into oblivion.

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