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Obama Tells Americans What To Eat, Then Chef Drops 6 Humiliating Words

Former President Barack Obama has always been rather smug, and it doesn’t seem that things have changed much since he left the Oval Office. Unfortunately for him, his entitled mindset blew up in his face recently. While he was lecturing Americans on what they eat, a White House chef stepped in to drop just 6 humiliating words — and the best part comes as he said it to his former boss’s face.

According to The Political Insider, the incident took place at the Seeds and Chips Global Food Innovation Summit where Obama sought to change the minds of people, specifically when it comes to global warming. Of course, the usual was said about how we obtain energy in this day and age – but things quickly took a turn.

Obama also wanted to speak about something a bit different that is contributing to the so-called “disastrous effects” we’re having on the planet in the form of “global warming.” He explained that “as people want to increase more meat consumption, that, in turn, is spiking the growth of greenhouse emissions coming out of the agricultural sectors.”

Doing as the hypocritical Obamas have always done, he decided to start bossing the American people around – but this time, it would take just mere seconds for it to blow up in his face. As Obama said that people will have to learn to “have a smaller steak,” his former White House chef, Sam Kass, stepped in which 6 humiliating words.

Kass, who was hosting the show, turned to Obama and said, “I’ve cooked you thousands of steaks,” declaring the inconvenient truth to Obama’s face as well as in front of the massive crowd. At that point, a clearly flustered Obama tried to walk back the remarks, saying that the number was actually more likely in the hundreds – as if that was any better.

Kass’s remarks were damaging to Obama in more ways than one. First, it showed the typical Obama hypocrisy yet again. While they lecture Americans on what to do, they always seem to ignore their own advice and enjoy the pleasures in life as they see fit.

Secondly, the humiliation was delivered right to his face in a way that is often unseen when it comes to Obama. Although it was seemingly accidental, the fact that someone pointed out Obama’s flawed and entitled thinking process directly to him in front of a large audience was surely embarrassing, to say the least, especially seeing how most people seem to be afraid of stepping on the man’s toes.

If that wasn’t bad enough, as BizPac Review reports, it wasn’t long before people on social media started to join in on the fun, also pointing out Obama’s hypocrisy. In fact, several pictures were soon posted online showing how “much” or, more accurately, how little Obama actually cares about his clearly false self-righteous pursuit:

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