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New Obama Scandal Errupts

The internal spy game inside the highest ranks of the American state administration is getting exposed by the day. It’s simply unbearable for the US citizens to be held in the intellectual prison and suffer the radical liberal pressure from the mainstream media.

Barack Obama and his administration represented the radical left ideology in the USA. Barack Obama himself was a communist and socialist who was raised also by communist/progressive father and mother.

With the help of the global elites, Barack Obama succeeded to be the White House resident for 2 mandates. However, he pushed this nation into an unseen debt. His programs were awful, also his foreign policy. The worst of all is the fact that Barack Obama is involved in EVERY scandal in the past year. Hillary’s case, wiretapping, Iran deal etc. Obama is in a really bad position.

Rand Paul today shocked the nation with something huge. It is confirmed that his administration SPIED on other Republican senators.

“I know one other senator who’s already confided to me that he was surveilled by the Obama administration, including his phone calls,” said Paul according to Breitbart“So when this all comes out, if there are political figures from the opposition party, it’s a story bigger than any of the allegations with regard to Russian collusion.”

The patriots are really encouraged. Rand Paul already announced his plan to deal with the people who illegally spied on members of the Republican party. The people who unmasked the GOP members are most certainly part of the former administration.

“It’s about your own government spying on the opposition party, that would be enormous if true,” he said, reports TM. “I don’t know the truth. We’ve asked the intel committees, House and Senate, and I’ve also asked the White House because there is this whole discussion of Susan Rice unmasking people.”


Let’s pray for Rand Paul and hope that he will win this big struggle for justice. This is not a rumor anymore- someone has to take responsibility if there was illegal spying on any US citizen, and we’re talking here about American congressmen and senators. Now you know why Comey got fired… How is it possible everybody to stay calm and quiet knowing that there was an entire operation against Trump and his people.


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