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Democrats Enraged As New Photos Of Trump’s Promise Emerge From Border

The US border between Naco, Arizona, and Naco, Sonora, in Mexico used to be so pathetic that residents could play volleyball using the fence as a net. However, Democrats are in disarray after photos emerged showing President Donald Trump’s promise to change things along the border coming to fruition.

As Quartz has reported for some time, locals in the Naco, Arizona, area have used the flimsy, short border fence to play volleyball. The fence has needed an upgrade for years, but no Democrat was willing to touch it during the Barack Obama years. Take a look at this “wallyball” game below:

Border fence volleyball; (Photo credit: Reuters)

However, things are changing on the southern border now that President Trump is in office, and Democrats are none too pleased to see what the area is starting to look like now. As Prescott News reports, the first 7.5 miles of outdated fencing near the Naco Port of Entry is being replaced. The replacement fence creates greater impedance to illegal crossings and improves situational awareness of illicit activities along the immediate border.

Pictured: Replacement border fence

As noted by TruthFeed, to grasp the height of the replacement fence one only has to compare it to the height of the workers.

Pictured: Worker assembling the new border fence

Many are celebrating as the final piece to complete the 7.5 replacement has been set in place. With a fence tall enough to require workers to stand on ladders to install it, it is unlikely that volleyball games will continue.

Democrats will certainly continue to beat the drum of “Trump is a bigot, Trump is a racist,” as the rest of the southern border wall is erected. As the pathetic “Russia collusion” narrative falls apart, liberals will have less to use as ammunition in criticizing Trump, so it is likely that they will continue to brand him a white supremacist for his construction of the wall.

The physical barrier will eventually become a permanent reminder of the failure of liberal democrats, one that a future president will have a hard time removing. Perhaps, it is this permanent nature of the border wall that has Democrats so scared, as it will become a US institution that they cannot easily tear down.

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