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Black Couple Accuses IHOP of Racism… But They “Forget” 1 HUGE Detail

An African-American couple from Texas went viral by accusing International House of Pancakes of racism. They say that their IHOP server put an offensive slur on their receipt.

One little problem: the alleged slur was “BLACK PPL.” Another problem: The waiter who put it on there was black.

The story began with Arainia Brown and her boyfriend Rolman Sparkman traveling back to Austin along Interstate 35 in 2016. According to KVUE-TV (via KHOU-TV) at about 3 a.m. they were feeling peckish, and when you’re hungry you want to go to a place where a half-gallon of boysenberry syrup is at your disposal.

And you know the only place for that — IHOP.

They ordered takeaway (shame, really — you want full access to that jug of syrup for as long as possible).

However, as they were about to leave, they noticed that the waiter had chosen to describe them as “BLACK PPL” because, one assumes, they were the only ones there:

The server was African-American as well, but that made no difference to Brown and Sparkman.

“I feel upset, I’m sad, I’m angry. Like this, it makes no sense,” said Brown.

“You could have asked me my name,” she added. “Don’t put, don’t label me. I don’t label you.”

Yes, well, she’s not the IHOP employee. There’s also the fact that people get offended all the time — at Starbucks mostly, but I can see an IHOP customer getting angry, too — when a name is misspelled or misheard.

IHOP, needless to say, quickly released a statement of the type we’ve grown accustomed to whenever something like this gets blown out of proportion. It even used the words “teachable moment!”

“This was a poor choice made by our franchisee’s team member, and is not in keeping with policies and procedures,” IHOP’s statement read. “We recognize that it could be offensive and apologize. Everyone is welcome in our restaurants and our franchisee is using this as a teachable moment for the entire team so that it will not reoccur.”

The waiter involved in the incident even went on Facebook to apologize.

Sparkman hopes the other black person involved in this knows the damage he caused them by calling them black.

“Why would you do that to your own peoples,” said Sparkman, “when you already know what’s been going on in the past?”

“At the end of the day, everybody is a human being. Everybody is trying to work and make a living. Everybody is the same.”

I would like to think everybody is the same, Mr. Sparkman. However, if someone types “WHITE PPL” on my receipt, no matter what their race, I wouldn’t get angry. I definitely wouldn’t call the media. If I did, I would hope that people would laugh at me — as well they should.

In that manner, we are indeed different. Not because of our races, but because one of us lives in reality and the other lives in Offendedville.

H/T WZ, U.K. Daily Mail

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