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Watch: Fox News Guest Slammed After Using Fake News in Her Argument

This is one liberal should have known better.

Democrat politico Lis Smith — the one-time paramour of former New York Democrat Gov. Eliot Spitzer, and former key aide to failed Democrat presidential contender Martin O’Malley — was left sputtering Friday after she was nailed attempting to spread fake news about President Donald Trump while on the air with Fox News host Shannon Bream and Fox News contributor Mercedes Schlapp.

The Fox News segment lit up as the three argued bitterly after Smith made a blatantly false statement on air.

Smith claimed that former FBI Director James Comey had requested more resources for the investigation into possible Russian interference in the 2016 election before he was fired.

The only problem with that is, of course, that top level people at the FBI itself say it’s untrue.

Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, now serving as acting FBI director, denied that claim during Senate testimony Thursday, and explained that the FBI generally goes to Congress for additional resources, according to CNBC. Bream wasn’t going to let Smith get away her story.

When she was called out, Smith literally couldn’t form a sentence. She just sputtered for a while — and yes, it is awesome to watch.

Bent, but unbroken, Smith hazarded another point that “we know” — that we don’t know at all, actually.

“We know that Donald Trump asked James Comey for his personal loyalty,” Smith stated.

She was immediately shut down by both of the other members of the discussion.

“First of all, the White House is disputing that account,” Bream said, referring to deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ explicit rejection of the idea to The New York Times this week.

Schlapp began to talk, but was quickly interrupted by Smith, possibly looking to cram more fake news in before it was too late.

That’s when Schlapp, well, Schlapped her down — I’m sorry, I had to.

“You gotta let me talk. Look, let’s put away your Democratic talking points and talk about what we (know),” she said according to The Daily Caller.

This is what happens all too often when liberals are confronted with the truth — they interrupt, they fall back to other mistruths, and obfuscate their opponent’s arguments. Two of those three forms of attack can be seen in the minute of footage above.

Fox gets a lot of talk thrown its away by liberals who claim the network lies, but this example would seem to show just the opposite.

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