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Tim Allen Destroys Liberal Snowflakes On Last Man Standing!

One of the funniest shows on television is without a doubt, Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing”. In the show, Tim Allen is the only man in a household with four other women and them being his wife and three daughters.

However, this show differentiates from others as it doesn’t tow the liberal Hollywood line, and it isn’t afraid to call out the Hollywood and liberal culture.

The recent season of the show has been focused more on real life events, and in Episode 9 titled “Precious Snowflake,” Tim eviscerates whiny liberal snowflakes with their microaggressions after his daughter asks him to help her with a school project.

So of course, as everyone who tuned in on the show expected, Tim destroyed the politically-correct Hollywood as well as the precious liberal snowflakes in a way that is totally unique just to him.

The video can be seen below:

Now, this is something that you can’t pass without laughing. Unlike the SNL, this is some quality TV stuff.

If you ask us, it is always good to see that at least someone is willing to stand up to the politically correct image that Hollywood liberals have for our nation, and at the same time, they are mocking for the whiny behavior of the celebrities and show hosts.

Let’s spread the word and show Tim Allen our support for his job well done!

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