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SUCCESS: Number of Refugees Entering U.S. Plummets. Despite Court Blocking ‘Travel Ban’…

Remember when President Trump proposed the ill-famed “travel ban”? Every liberal and their genderless dog lost their marbles over it (see Man Claims Mom Died in Iraq Because the ‘Trump Ban.’ Yeah, He Lied…). Twas the meltdown of ages… Until the following week, when progressives found something else to bitch about. You may recall the judges who took a stand by blocking said ban in court. Well, turns out that blockage did little to stop Trump’s intended effect.

The number of refugees entering the US dramatically fell in the past several months even as President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry from certain Muslim-majority countries has been blocked in court.

Last October, a reported 9,945 refugees arrived in the US, but that figure steadily declined to just 2,070 in March, a six-year low, according to data released by the Refugee Processing Center (RPC).

This news comes as a refreshing change. We had originally noted thousands of refugees flooded into the U.S. after courts blocked Trump’s ‘travel ban.’ But that number has seemingly calmed.

RPC did record a slight uptick last month, however, with 3,316 refugees coming in. Still, refugee entry to the US fell from 4,580 in February to 2,070 in March. Refugees from Syria dropped from 1,318 in January to 673 in February.

Suffice it to say, we likely dodged a few jihadi bombings there. Can’t say the same for Europe, unfortunately. Their once-tourist-friendly streets currently resemble that of Pakistan’s underground sewage tunnels. But at least they can boast multiculturalism.

Also, before any leftists get their Pull-Ups in a twist, check out all the correlation between refugees and terrorism. Read Syrian President Assad: Yeah, Some Refugees Are Definitely Terrorists and Top 5 Examples of Muslim Refugees Who Were Terrorists. Then proceed to air your “ISLAMOPHOBIA!” grievances in the nearest dumpster at your convenience.

Looks like America isn’t over-achieving in terms of refugee welcoming as of late. Fret not, dear military-aged, manly migrants. I’m sure there’s plenty of Europe to go around…

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